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About Me

Find balance, take real action steps on big goals, and improve your health and overall quality of life.

Dana Stone, CLC CSSC

Hi! Thanks for stopping by!

I am Dana Stone a certified Life and Sleep Coach

Everyday I work with busy, family oriented, and caring professionals like you, with big goals that lately have been feeling overwhelmed and exhausted because they are searching for balance while striving for greatness in all the different areas of their lives.


What can we do together?

Together we can get past the overwhelm and exhaustion.  We work together to design your ideal life.  We get to the root of what is important to you.  You start to find balance, take real action steps on big goals, and improve your health and your overall quality of life.

You will feel confident and supported, and met with compassion and understanding. I have been there.

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Every situation is different so I am proud to offer a complementary evaluation to discuss your specific obstacles and goals and see if we are a good fit.

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When it all began? 

I can joke and say that I have trained my whole life for this!

I’ve struggled with
Work life balance
People Management
Abusive relationships
Unhealthy habits
Poor body image
Communication breakdowns

As the oldest of 5 girls life has always had its challenges. And I haven’t always made the strongest decisions.

As a teenage pregnancy, pregnant with my first child before I was even finished with high school. I know what it looks like to scrape by and feel like life dealt you a crappy hand.  Struggling to put myself through college with a baby in tow, working a full time job and a part time job and going to school.  On top of that there was the verbally and emotionally abusive marriage that took nearly 6 years of my life.

But I was not going to settle for mediocrity.  I always pushed for more and was determined to build a life that I could be proud of. 

I found myself in many leadership roles.  I was always drawn to personal development books and programs.  I knew there was more to my story.

I eventually built the life I thought I always wanted.  A wonderful husband and 4 children.  I was making right at 6 figures with my corporate job, we were actively involved with travel ball tournaments, side hustles, and girl scout troop leadership and training.  But there was no balance.  I was a yes mam.  That’s when the burnout started.

With the birth of my fourth son, Colton, sleep deprivation was added to the mix. 

My first 3 children were sleeping through the night between 2 weeks and 2 months.  But Colton was a year old and hadn’t slept a single night! 

I had 4 children, a full time job, and a husband that travelled a lot. Needless to say there were many times that I spent crying on the closet floor.

I was exhausted, and truly didn’t realize how important sleep really was.

I started getting physically ill, emotionally drained, and life was starting to crumble around me.

 When I finally got help, it was magical, and we all started to get the sleep we desperately needed.

Our entire family was forever changed but the passion for sleep and health burned in me.   I knew that this was my calling.  I knew this is exactly what I wanted to pour myself into and learn how to help guide other families and individuals out of the darkness of  seemingly endless sleepless nights.

But it became so much more than that.  I started to see that sleep touched into every aspect of life.  So I continued to grow and expand and eventually launched my very own online sleep course and created the coaching program that led you here today.

Why Dana? Why Rest Assured Consulting?

I have worked with hundreds of families and individuals.  And all of  those amazing people find themselves asking 1 question at the conclusion of our work…

Why did we struggle for so long? 
  • Endless todo lists
  • Sleepless nights
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Not to mention the total exhaustion and burnout

It doesn’t have to be this way.  You have the option to live a life full of peace, balance, fun, and achievement.   And the best part is that you get to design what that looks like. 

Our focus together will be to push past the default settings and strive for more, giving you satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment without sacrificing those that are important to you.  End each day knowing that you conquered it. Close out the endless lists of todo items that have weighed you down for so long.

I have worked and studied hard so that I could bring you the very best strategies, methodologies, and life changing breakthroughs to make it all work for you.

We know that the foundation of health starts with sleep, so I trained directly with world renowned sleep expert, Dana Obleman.  Dana’s training certification is one of the most extensive in the world.

I furthered my education with mental health studies, earned my CSSC (certified sleep science coach) through the Spencer Institute, and studied Integrative Adult Sleep Science with the International Parenting and Health Institute.

Recognized by as one of the top 200 sleep consultants in the US you can feel certain that your sleep is my top priority.

Let’s work together and start on the path towards your ideal life!

As a member of the  International Association of Professional Sleep Consultants, I’m constantly learning and gaining new insights to the most effective strategies and innovations in the sleep world.

Along with this strong foundation in sleep and health I obtained my Life Coach Certification through the Certified Life Coach Institute.  Their program is globally recognized by the International Coaching Federation and held to the highest standards in the coaching industry.

Want to chat?

Every situation is different so I am proud to offer a complementary evaluation to discuss your specific obstacles and goals and see if we are a good fit.

Choose a time that works for you here

how we work

Upgrade Your Skills Upgrade Your Life

Opening up more opportunities in front of you to get the ticket to more enjoyable door in life. Getting equipped with new skills for new sets of insights into your career. MaxCoach accompany learners in every stage of learning.

A Few Words From

My Clients

Dana is amazing!!! She has helped me to get organized, stay on track and ultimately take control of my life. It's amazing how all of the pieces of my life started working together instead of against themselves. If you want to be the person you know you can be, hire a life coach, hire Dana. 🤗
Molly Richardson
Dana always has kind, encouraging words. But, she asks the hard questions! She pushes you to the best you by emphasizing self care and realistic goal setting.
Rachel Eubanks
What an experience! I decided to give this coaching thing a try, which is not something I would typically do. But I must say that the session I had with Dana was an eye-opener and so beneficial to my mental health. She allowed me to put everything on the table and then sort through exactly how I can better handle/organize the mountain of things I have constantly churning in my head. Thank you Dana! You are an amazing person and coach.
Kanique Mighty-Nugent

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