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Hydration: It’s more than just water.

Learning to #DrinkLikeABoss No matter what type of nutrition plan you are following or workout regimen or lack thereof, one thing that every single plan has in common is that hydration is critical. Our bodies are about 60% water.  And having enough water in our body influences nearly every system …

Life Coaching

Setting up a kick-ass morning routine 

I’m sure you have heard mention of a morning routine.  Doing the same thing every day may seem boring and repetitive, but have a structure can actually help you thrive.  It can reduce stress, take away decision fatigue, and improve your emotional state.  Here are 8 things to consider when …

Adult Sleep

5 Minutes to Better Sleep – Setting up the Ideal Sleep Environment

Today we are talking about how to set up the ideal sleep environment.Environment The importance of a calm, peaceful, cool, dark sleeping environment cannot be overstated. You should look at your bedroom as a sleep sanctuary. And remember as the brain takes its queues from your actions there are really …

4 Steps to Reducing Overwhelm

Get a copy of this quick, easy, and wildly effective process for calming the mind and stepping out of overwhelm.

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