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Corporate Wellness

Covid-19 is changing the way we work, shop, educate, socialize, and live.

If you think of your average day in February of 2020, I’m sure your daily routine was much different.  We all thought this would last a couple weeks to maybe a month.  But it now has the implications of a more permanent change.

As different as it has been there have been many positive gains to go along with the negative ones.  The entire world was forced to slow down and take a deep breath.  We have learned alot about practicing safe hygiene.  We were forced to reevaluate things that “have always been done a certain way”.  Among other positive benefits we have seen a global decrease in pollution.  An economist from Stanford University predicted improved air quality for 2 months having the potential of saving 50,000 lives in China alone.

Sometimes we need a new perspective to make huge advances forward.  What if this is the exact catalyst we needed to make lasting changes on a global level?

Making the transition from in office to remote work from home had some short-term immediate challenges that included infrastructure and access issues.  But as those are resolved it would be beneficial to focus on the psychological and productivity obstacles with working from home.

If employers and employees can make some shifts in their perception of the new work norms, I am confident it could actually help increase productivity, job satisfaction, and help people with work life balance.

So what steps can we take to increase productivity, job satisfaction, and help find work life balance?

These are 9 pillars that I have identified to play a significant role in our perception of life balance.







Healthy Lifestyle


Stress Management

In my program we dig deep on each of these concepts to find that perfect balance for each individual.

Finding work/life/family balance is not about finding hours to do all the things, and it is not about hour for hour trading. It is about clearing the distractions so you can focus on what’s important in that moment.  It is about defining priorities and feeling confidence and at peace with the decisions that you have made.

As a Life Balance and Sleep Coach that is exactly what I work to define with my clients.  We do this through education, awareness and specific exercises.  We have open discussions to flush things out, and then we follow it up with actions that create attainable changes to make that 1% increase each day.

Neuroscience has proven that when we make too many broad stroke changes at the same time, we are setting ourselves up for failure from the start.  So we address that too.

A life coach is there to help individuals understand better what’s going on in their daily life, both positive and negative, and how this leads to the fulfillment of their life and career goals.

Therapy is great for healing from past traumas.  Life coaching focuses on now and how to shape your future.

These 9 pillars are the foundations that I use in my programs and in my sessions to bring about the changes necessary to move away from stress and overwhelm to that balanced and fulfilled life


I can do this in various ways.

We can build something that is as unique as your company and the personnel you have in it.

Build the perfect plan for you:

Single Live Corporate Seminar Through Zoom, with Replay options

Multiple Live Corporate Seminars

Employee Access to Online Program with new content weekly or monthly

Employee Access to Online Program with Group Coaching Sessions

Employee Access to Online Program with Private Coaching Sessions


It's Takes time to make changes

So if you are serious about stepping into the version of you that you have always wanted I ask for a minimum of 3 months.


Online Program Only


Weekly Online Modules

(3 mo upfront pay)
Program Included

Group Accountability
Tier 3

Weekly Group Coaching
(program required)


The online program plus:

Accountability Support

Community Access with Weekly

FB Lives

Resource Library

Quarterly Workshop


Goal Seekers
Tier 2

Bi Weekly Sessions (2 per month)
Program included


Everything from Bronze Plus

Individual Coaching Calls with action plan

Email Support Between Sessions




Goal Getters
Tier 1

Weekly Sessions (4 per month) Program included


Everything from Bronze Plus

Deep Dive into individual action plan with support and private accountability sessions

Text Support Between Sessions




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