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Setting up a kick-ass morning routine 

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Setting up a kick-ass morning routine 

I’m sure you have heard mention of a morning routine.  Doing the same thing every day may seem boring and repetitive, but have a structure can actually help you thrive.  It can reduce stress, take away decision fatigue, and improve your emotional state.  Here are 8 things to consider when building out a morning routine that gets you up and moving.

Set your ideal bedtime.  A good morning routine starts the night before.  Back up when you want to start the day by subtracting 8.5 hours.  So if you want to be up at 6 you need to be in the bed by 9:30.  This gives you 30 minutes of wind-down time to do some pillow talk (my favorite), cuddle (or more), read, journal, do your daily review, or a devotional. 

Set your alarm.  In a perfect world, you would be fully rested and your body would naturally wake at the time you need to get going.  If you need an alarm it is a good sign that you need to move that bedtime earlier or be more consistent around bedtime even on weekends.  But until that day, make sure that you have set yourself up for success.  When it goes off, get up!  It helps to tell yourself that you are excited to wake up when the alarm goes off and eager to start the day.

Drink some water.  This is usually the longest you have gone in any 24 hour period without water, so you are a bit dehydrated each morning.  Set the tone for the day by starting with a glass of water.

Decide what to include.  This is where you can start to shape things.  The order you do things doesn’t really matter.  It just needs to make sense for you.  

When creating my morning routine I had to consider what are things that “need” to be done as well as things I would “like” to be done.  

Also please realize that I have been working to get my routine to this point for years.  I have made strategic moves to allow me to have a later start to the day.  Not everyone has the luxury of a 9 am work start.  But don’t use it as an excuse, find a way to make your routine work for you.  There was a time that I had to go through all the things before taking the kids to school.  

Get up before the kids, negotiate a later start to work, arrange to be part of a school drop-off and pick-up team.  Find a way to make things work with what you have now and then work towards how your ideal setup would look.

According to Miracle Morning author Hal Elrod you could consider working these 5 Savers elements into your morning routine.  His book is also a great read for the motivation behind why the morning routine is so important.

      • Silence
      • Affirmations
      • Visualization
      • Exercise
      • Reading
      • Scribing

You can also see in mine that I have tried to combine things a bit.  While I am doing my makeup I am listening to an audiobook for my reading.  It’s not 100% the same as reading, but it works for me right now. had a great article with 50 ideas to include in your morning routine, and some of them are great to stretch your status quo and start thinking about things that will inspire, motivate, and put you in a good mood. 

Choose your timing.  You can give them each a minute or an hour, it is truly up to you and what you are working with.  There was a time when I literally had 5 minutes of Yoga or stretching, 5 minutes of reading, 5 minutes of journaling, and 5 minutes of meditation.  Could you find 20 minutes in the morning if it was going to make a dramatic impact on your demeanor through the day?

Write it all out and play around with different time increments.  What if you did 10 minutes here and 5 there, would you be able to get out the door in time.  And don’t be afraid to try it and change it.  You can make changes daily if you need to.  It does not have to be perfect.  If we all waited until perfect we would never get anything done.

Eventually, things in your routine become a habit, but that will take time and consistency before it occurs.  In the meantime, it is ok to write it out and use it as a checklist so you don’t miss steps.  But if you do miss-steps forgive yourself, show yourself grace and compassion, and then try again the next day.

Start small with changes.  I advise for really big changes that you break it down a bit.  Start by habit stacking.  What is one thing that you know you do without fail each morning?  It is already a habit for you.  An example may be brushing your teeth.  Then tie something that you want to become a habit to that, like taking a morning multivitamin.  Associate the 2 together, so when you think of brushing your teeth you start to immediately reach for the vitamin.  

Make it easy too.  Don’t keep your vitamin in the downstairs cabinet if you know you want to take them when you brush your teeth, put them out in plain sight by the toothbrush.  Set out your workout clothes, or have the weights set up in front of the TV before you go to bed. 

Once you have mastered one step, add in the next.  Doing this may take a bit longer but you are much more likely to make lasting changes.  Don’t be fooled into thinking one day I just started working out for an hour each morning and loved it.  It was a slow progression that started with one day a week for 20-30 minutes.

Find some accountability.  Find an accountability partner or maybe find a group to encourage and motivate you.   We have a great group here at – Live, Rest, and Kick Overwhelm It is so much easier to stick to something when you have told others what you are doing.   When I was working on 80 Day Obsession I started posting pictures of me and my husband after we were done so that I was being held accountable by friends and family.  One day I quit posting thinking no one would even notice and I got comments about how it was keeping others motivated too.  Find a friend or chat with your spouse, just be careful not to attach your goal to their motivation.  You have to decide that these are things that you want to do for yourself.

Reward yourself.  Did you make a commitment to yourself that you were going to journal for 30 days straight and then you did it?  Congratulations!  How can you celebrate that?!  I am not super prize motivated, however, I also have things that I know I would love to have but may not feel right about splurging on.  Like a new pair of LuLuLemon workout pants!  It is really not a need, but I love how they fit.  So this month if I nail my morning routine, with some changes I have made with a new journaling component and daily earthing (we will talk about that in another time), I have decided that I am going to treat myself to a new pair of pants. 


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